Dawn Mulder : Principal

Dawn Mulder



Dawn Mulder holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Cedarville University in Ohio and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of South Florida. In addition to her elementary classroom teaching experiences, she was a technology trainer at both the school and district levels prior to her years as a school administrator in Polk County.

Principal’s Message:
Welcome to Dixieland! We are a school with a rich heritage and an exciting future. We are most proud of our historic neighborhood school that provides a safe and supportive learning environment where the teachers love to teach and the students love to learn. Our teachers and support staff are deeply committed to providing a high quality education for ALL students, knowing that we are preparing them for future success in college or a career after graduation. We are dedicated to promoting an engaging and positive environment conducive to learning for all students, with the support of parents and the community.  Research shows that students with parents who are involved in their child’s education have higher achievement. There are many exciting things happening at Dixieland every day for students and a variety of ways that you can be involved. Read with your child every night, volunteer at school or ask how you can be involved from home, and come to school events. You play a key role in your student’s success. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I strongly believe that together we will make this a successful year of learning for your child.
Syrita Taylor-Brown : Assistant Principal

Syrita Taylor-Brown

Assistant Principal


Mrs. Taylor-Brown has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree from the University of Nova Southeastern in Educational Leadership. She is a Polk county native. She has 11 years of teaching experience in Polk County Schools. In her 11 years in education, she taught primary and intermediate grades at the elementary level in addition to being a reading resource teacher/reading coach. Mrs. Taylor-Brown’s educational belief is that every child can learn. She supports the district’s mission to provide a high quality education to all students.



Carissa Bunch : Teacher

Carissa Bunch


Chelsea Clements : Teacher

Chelsea Clements

Katherine Freeman : Teacher

Katherine Freeman

Katrina Matt : Teacher

Katrina Matt


First Grade

Diane Gregg : Teacher

Diane Gregg

Marla Pyle : Teacher

Marla Pyle

Christine Sassano : Teacher

Christine Sassano

Lauren Stamm : Teacher

Lauren Stamm

Sarah Stokes : Teacher

Sarah Stokes


Second Grade

Renae Anderson : Teacher

Renae Anderson

Vanessa Gaulden : Teacher

Vanessa Gaulden

Maria Lindquist : Teacher

Maria Lindquist

Betty Medina : Teacher

Betty Medina


Third Grade

Shawna Hairston : Teacher

Shawna Hairston

Kenzie Harris : Teacher

Kenzie Harris

Mandi White : Teacher

Mandi White


Fourth Grade

Shannon Dempster : Teacher

Shannon Dempster

Stephen Duskin : Teacher

Stephen Duskin

Charith Gaines : Teacher

Charith Gaines

Sarah Semon : Teacher

Sarah Semon


Fifth Grade

Pamela Glenn : Teacher

Pamela Glenn

Jennifer Maul : Teacher

Jennifer Maul

Elizabeth Yeater : Teacher

Elizabeth Yeater


Office Staff

Kay Llewellyn : Principal's Secretary

Kay Llewellyn

Principal's Secretary
Cheryl Graffam : Secretary

Cheryl Graffam

Pamela Cash : Clinic Para

Pamela Cash

Clinic Para

Resource Staff

Carmen Arroyo : ESOL Para

Carmen Arroyo

Joy Conley : Math Coach

Joy Conley

Math Coach
Cheryl Dale : Art Teacher

Cheryl Dale

Art Teacher
Shenita Downing : Guidance Counselor

Shenita Downing

Guidance Counselor
Laura Font : Music Teacher

Laura Font

Music Teacher
Karen Green : Para

Karen Green

Dawn Guido : PE Para

Dawn Guido

PE Para
Daphne Harris : Reading Coach

Daphne Harris

Reading Coach
David Joyner : PE Coach

David Joyner

PE Coach
John Roberts : Network Manager

John Roberts

Network Manager
Theresa Bain : Media Para

Theresa Bain

Media Para

ESE Staff

Luanne Arnold : ESE Teacher

Luanne Arnold

ESE Teacher
Alexes Bowling : ESE Teacher

Alexes Bowling

ESE Teacher

Nancy Crocker : ESE Para

Nancy Crocker

ESE Para
Laura Fabbrini : Speech Teacher

Laura Fabbrini

Speech Teacher
Alan Fontana : Alpha Teacher

Alan Fontana

Alpha Teacher
Ashley Livering : ESE Teacher

Ashley Livering

ESE Teacher
Jonna Luce : Alpha Teacher

Jonna Luce

Alpha Teacher
Jeanette Rodriguez : Psychologist

Jeanette Rodriguez

Elizabeth Wright : ESE Resource Teacher

Elizabeth Wright

ESE Resource Teacher

Dining Room

Cynthia Wickham : Cafeteria Manager

Cynthia Wickham

Cafeteria Manager
Valerie Copley :

Valerie Copley

Leslie Hall :

Leslie Hall

Rachel Johnson :

Rachel Johnson

Katerina Lawson :

Katerina Lawson

Leena Steinberg :

Leena Steinberg

Celia Suarez :

Celia Suarez

Nancy Walls :

Nancy Walls


Diani Diaz-Ortiz :

Diani Diaz-Ortiz

Efrain Ramirez-Martinez :

Efrain Ramirez-Martinez

Janneth Romero :

Janneth Romero